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NRA Shooting Sports - BRG9 ELITE: More Features For Less Money


The BRG9 ELITE was recently featured in an article on NRA Shooting Sports by Art Merrill. You can find the article here. Thanks, for the kind words, Art.


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2/3/2023 4:37 AM
Where can I see one?
2/3/2023 1:00 PM
I am looking for the rear sight dovetail mount. Do you guys sell it on your site for the brg9 elite
3/4/2023 12:15 PM
Don't get overly excited about this gun.  The gun looks great but performance leaves a lot to be desired.  I fired 100 rounds of ammo through mine and had 3 failures to fire. Upon running these 3 failures to fire back through the gun they worked.  I also had a failure to feed that resulted in a jam that was a royal pain to clear.  I was unable to drop the magazine as the round was stuck partially on the feed ramp and the casing was partially still in the magazine.  Had this been a combat situation it would have ended badly for me.  I was using 124 grain Sellier& Bellot FMJ  ammo.  I assume there is some type of issue with the feed ramp needing polished.  As for the failures to fire, I can only guess there is a weak spring or some other firing pin issue.  The gun is inexpensive and nice looking but I don't have confidence in this gun to protect my life or the lives of my family.
3/24/2023 8:41 PM
Polish the feed ramp fixed my jamming issue.  I recommend polishing it lightly and lubricating it good and it will most likely solve everyone's feeding issues.  I 'm happy with mine now.  Remember, this is mass produced in Turkey and their quality control just isn't as good as Glock or Sig.