Back to All Blog Posts BRG9 Elite 4″ 9MM Pistol Review


The BRG9 ELITE was recently featured in an article on by TJ. You can find the article here. Thanks, for the kind words..


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9/30/2022 4:16 AM
After 9 months it won't accept clips. Kinda usable. Thanks. I loved it till now
2/16/2023 3:12 AM
I recently bought it haven’t fired any rounds yet but every time I go to rack it, it gets caught up in the feed ramp
2/26/2023 9:59 AM
If this gun performed half as good as it looks it would be fantastic.  However, 1 failure to chamber and 3 failures to fire out of a total100 rounds fired.  Slide ramp need polished?  Light firing pin strikes?  No idea.  Glad I don't have much money invested in this gun.  Probably be getting rid of this gun.
3/2/2023 1:45 PM
What size wrench to move sight?
3/19/2023 7:45 PM
Nice looking gun, great price but  it wont shot hollow points ,jams 100% o the time . They make it sound like a Sig,cant wait to dump the junk on someone else
3/24/2023 8:40 PM
Polish the feed ramp fixed my jamming issue.  I recommend polishing it lightly and lubricating it good and it will most likely solve everyone's feeding issues.  I 'm happy with mine now.  Remember, this is mass produced in Turkey and their quality control just isn't as good as Glock or Sig.