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BRG9 Elite Torture Test by Ghost Tactical

Trey at Ghost Tactical has just released a video on YouTube in which he puts the BRG9 Elite through a torture test he is calling the Crucible. Watch the video to see how it went.

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3/7/2023 11:00 PM
Glad your test gun worked because mine sure didn't.  Nor did I mistreat mine by putting it in dirt and what not.  100 rounds of 124 grain Sellier& Bellot FMJ  ammo with 3 failures to fire and 1 failure to feed that ended up being a hell of a jam.  The feed ramp needed polished to fix the failure to feed issue.  As for the failures to idea.  Ran them back through and they fired the second time.  Can't complain for the low amount paid for this gun but I sure wouldn't depend on it to function 100% of the time.  If you want a gun that MIGHT work then this is the gun for you.  As for me, I am getting rid of mine.